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Why Insurance Premiums Increase

Why insurance premiums increase is something we all want to know about. So when we’re faced with an increase, we want to know why it’s happening. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy answer to discover. Insurance companies are generally not keen to share why the premiums they charge increase, but there are a few factors to consider.

Claims Frequency

When a customer files a claim, the insurance company pays out a portion of their coverage. For obvious reasons, more claims mean more money paid out. If a large number of claims are made in a particular area, the insurance company may decide to increase premiums in response.

Rising Costs

When costs of providing coverage rise, many insurance companies pass on the cost to customers by raising premiums. These costs can include:

  • Medical Costs: Insurance companies often increase premiums in response to rising medical costs.
  • Property Value – If property values in the area increase or if the property itself becomes more valuable, it may affect coverage costs.
  • Risk Factors – Insurance companies consider how likely an event is to occur when setting premiums. If the risk of an event increases, premiums may also increase.

Changes in the Insurance Company

Insurance companies may also increase premiums in response to changes in their own operations. For example, if the company decides to lower deductibles, it may increase premiums to offset the cost.

End of the Policy Year

Many insurance companies review premiums at the end of the policy year. During this review, the company may elect to increase premiums due to changes in the market or in their own offering.


No one likes dealing with an increase in insurance premiums. While there is no guaranteed answer when it comes to why premiums increase, knowing some possible factors can make it easier to understand. Claims frequency, rising costs, changes in an insurance company, and the end of the policy year are all potential reasons for a premium increase.